Where’s the best place to buy essential oils?

Where to buy essential oils

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So you want to get some essential oils, but aren’t sure where to get the best deal? There are hundreds of oils, so many of the less popular ones are harder to find in stores. Sometimes it’s better to buy online and sometimes it’s better to buy from a shop around the corner. Here are the tips to figure out where to get the oil you want at the best price.

Best places to buy essential oils

1. Essential Oils on Amazon

This internet giant sells many essential oil brands at great prices. If you’re a prime member (which you definitely should be) than it’s a no brainer to get oils and diffusers from amazon.


  • Amazon prime can get you same day free shipping.
  • Amazon has the widest selection of brands and types of oils. If you really need a less common oil like carrot seed, it will be on Amazon but might be tough to find in stores.
  • Amazon has better or the same pricing as listed directly on the essential oil maker’s website.
  • Amazon has great return policies.

Here are some screenshots below showing examples of a better deal on Amazon than on the company’s site. The pricing does change on Amazon, so by the time you see this, the deal might be different. In general it is lower though even if the price fluctuates a bit from time to time.

$12.99 price on the main website:

$6.99 price on Amazon:

amazon best place to buy essential oils



  • A few brands like Mountain Rose Herbs don’t sell on Amazon. Brands that are hard to find on Amazon are also typically hard to find in stores and you’ll have to go directly to the company website to purchase.

Company Websites

Each essential oil company has their own website you can use to buy directly from. They also have blogs you can follow and essential oil resources. If you want to compare multiple brands and aren’t set on one yet, then it can be nice to comparison shop on Amazon and by researching on Google.


  • Buying direct on the websites of the companies that make the essential oils can be cheaper if the brand has membership rates. The multi-level-marketing companies like Young Living and DoTerra have membership wholesale rates that give you around a 24% discount on retail pricing. If you are buying these brands then you’ll want to sign up for their membership and buy direct from them.


  • You typically have to pay for shipping and the shipping options aren’t as fast as Amazon Prime.
  • The company websites can often be more expensive than Amazon.

Grocery Stores

You can swing by your local whole foods or other similar health foods store to find some essential oils. Check your regional grocery store website to see if they carry any oils. Big grocery chains typically don’t have them, but the more natural/specialty grocery stores will.


  •  You don’t have to wait for shipping if you need some oils immediately. This can be super helpful if you’re sick or really stressed and want a specific essential oil ASAP.
  • You don’t have to pay for shipping.
  • Whole foods has tester bottles so you can smell before you buy.


  • You might not have a grocery store near you that carries essential oils.
  • The stores definitely won’t have the variety of oil types and brands that shopping online will give you.


It shouldn’t be surprising since Target virtually has everything, but it the fact that they carry essential oils is a bit surprising. This giant and fabulous retailer carries well known brands like Aura Cacia as well as some of their own private label brands.


  • It’s very convenient to pick up oils while you’re running errands.
  • The prices are pretty good at Target.


  • A trip to target means a big bill because c’mon … it’s Target. You’ll pick up 10 other items you fall in love with that you didn’t mean to get. 🙂 We’ve all done it.
  • The variety and selection is very limited.

Local Boutiques

If you happen to have an aromatherapy shop or other boutique that carries oils, these can be great shops to buy from. These cute little shops have lots of charm and character in addition to a really helpful staff. If you can find them, it is great to shop locally to support small businesses in your town.


  • Many of these shops have helpful staff that can assist you with questions.
  • There will be tester bottles you can sample the scent first before buying.


  • It can be hard to find these shops.
  • They can be more expensive and have less sales than online.

Now you know the pros and cons of buying essential oils from different places. Amazon is generally your best bet if you’re not in a pinch for needing a new oil ASAP and aren’t buying from a MLM brand. Have fun shopping and try multiple brands so you can really compare them firsthand. Good luck finding the best deal and remember that the cheapest oil isn’t always the best. Look for a reputable essential oil company and then try to find a good deal on that particular brand.



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