Picking A Great Essential Oil Case: The Top 4 Essential Oil Cases Reviewed

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If you’ve landed here, it probably means you’re looking for a new home for your essential oil collection. Maybe you’re tired of them rolling around your bathroom drawer or maybe you’ve outgrown an old case. Here we break down the different types of essential oil cases and give you some handy tips on how to pick a good one that will treat your essential oils right!

Top Considerations For Picking The Best Essential Oil Case

Here are some things to think about before you buy a case so you can be sure it will work for your collection.

  • Is the case tall enough?
    • Some cases are not big enough to hold rollerballs. If you have larger bottles or rollerballs, you’ll want to read the specs on the case size to make sure the case lid will be able to close with your bottles inside.
  • Is the bottom sturdy enough?
    • Some fabric cases are cheap and cute, but poorly made so your bottles just fall through the bottom of the fabric slot.
  • Is it big enough for the future?
    • It’s best to leave some growing room so you have more space for all the future bottles you’ll be adding!
  • Do you want to travel with the case?
    • Some cases are fully tricked out and look like mini cabinets, but they wouldn’t be great to tote around with you on the go. Other cases have sturdy handles and proper padding so bottles don’t break or move around during transportation. The wooden cases will cause the bottles to rattle around noisily and are not ideal for travel. There are some specialty cases that have a foam egg crate support that nestles the bottles in foam and keeps them nice and secure.

Pine Wood Essential Oil Box: 35 bottles


  • You can buy sealed or natural. The natural wood case is unsealed so it allows you to paint your own designs on it!
  • It comes with stickers to label the top of your bottles to easily see what they are.
  • Easily configurable dividers so you can reorganize the box based on your collection.
  • Fits 5ml, 15ml, 1 ounce 30ml & 10ml rollers.


  • Even though it has a foam padding inside the top lid, the bottles still rattle around a bit when you’re transporting them.

Hermitshell Travel Case: 30 Bottles


  • This case is great for transporting your oils and has a nice carrying handle.
  • The foam padding keeps oils secure so they don’t rattle around noisily.


  • This case does not perfectly fit your tall roller bottles.
  • The interior foam sponge can have a bit of a chemical smell when you first get it but it goes away over time.

Essential Oil Carrying Case: 10 Bottles


  • This adorable little case is perfect for throwing in a big purse and taking around with you.
  • It’s easy to see which oil you’re grabbing as all the labels are visible when you open it.
  • It fits 5ml, 10ml, 15ml and roller bottles.


  • The case pattern has white in it so it could get a little dirty over time as you use it if you throw it in a purse that also has makeup or other things in it.
  • 1oz dropper bottles will not fit.

3 Tier Essential Organizer Case: 75 Bottles


  • This beast can hold up to 75 bottles!
  • It has removable dividers to organize it however you want.
  • Holds 5ml, 10ml, 15ml bottles and 10ml rollers.


  • The top 2 drawers are more shallow than the bottom drawer so all taller bottles have to go in the bottom drawer. Aura Cacia .5oz bottles don’t fit in top 2 drawers.
  • The drawers can sometimes get stuck and don’t always glide out smoothly.




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