About Essential Oil Guides

Hi there … thanks for stopping by! My name is Amanda and I started this site because I wanted to share the extensive research I’ve done on essential oils to make it easier to wade through the masses of conflicting information online about the topic.

I was originally a huge skeptic of essential oils amongst other things (like organic food and other natural products). My interest in the all natural world began when I started doing marketing consulting for my family friend Debra, who is a nutrition and fitness coach. It took a lot of convincing.

I really thought organic food was a marketing ploy by the grocery stores to get more money and truly didn’t understand the issues in the food industry in America. As I worked with her on her book launch, she slowly opened my eyes to the toxins that pervade most of the food and products my family used on a daily basis.

I began researching actual all natural solutions (side rant: it drives me crazy that companies can just slap the phrase “all natural” on anything and it can be loaded with synthetic and toxic ingredients). During my search I came across interesting information on essential oils and had also seen some friends post about them on Facebook.

In order to muddle through all the confusing information about essential oils, I went on the hunt for the facts. I poured through books, scientific studies and as many objective sources as I could fine (which was pretty tough given the amount of junk info online).

After all this research I fell in love with essential oils and decided to share the information I learned and make it easier for you to find answers to your essential oil questions. Hopefully these in depth guides can shed some light on these amazing oils and bring joy to your life 🙂

Cheers to a healthy life!